Grant Requests

The Price Foundation is proactive in identifying organizations that we will invite to submit grant requests for purposes that are compatible with our philosophy, vision, mission, and purposes. In addition, we will accept grant requests from public non-profit organizations for purposes that are compatible with our mission. The focus of the foundation is primarily to support local area organizations that are bringing hope to people in need or improving the community by addressing major social needs. We are especially interested in helping to meet the needs of disadvantaged children in areas of education, health care and protection. Other requests may be considered at the discretion of the foundation. Generalized mass mailings of requests will not be considered.

Grant requests should be submitted on the official stationary of the organization and addressed to the John E. & Aliese Price Foundation. A copy of the currently valid IRS tax exemption certificate must be included. All annual IRS Forms 990 should be filed as due and available for review on GuideStar or Charity Navigator.

The letter must state the purpose of the grant request and explain how it is compatible with the mission of the foundation. A list of board members would strengthen the application. Additional information in support of the request should be included as the applicant deems appropriate.

The foundation does not limit submission of requests to a specific cycle, however, decisions will generally be made on a quarterly basis. Successful applicants will be notified with a letter.