History & Future of The Price Foundation

In 1961 John E. & Aliese Price founded the Price Foundation for the following purposes: to make contributions or gifts to organizations operated exclusively for religious, charitable, or educational purposes. Mr. Price served as Chairman until he passed away in 1985. At that time, Jack Price became Chairman and T. Wayne Miller was elected president and when Jack Price passed away in 2007, T. Wayne Miller was elected Chairman also and served in that capacity until his death in 2016.

Although there have been numerous organizations supported by the foundation, one of the most notable event was the annual Prayer Breakfast. In 1991, when Wilbur Smith was mayor of Fort Myers, Wayne Miller went to talk with him about expanding what was then a small community prayer breakfast into a larger event with prominent speakers, Christian and patriotic music. Mayor Smith asked him two questions and received quick answers: Who is going to do the work to make that happen? Mr. Miller responded I will. Who is going to pay for it? Mr Miller responded the Price Foundation. And so began a new era for a very popular, effective and beautifully produced Community Prayer Breakfast that lasted until Mr. Miller’s illness and subsequent death.

We express our gratitude to the foundation trustees and to President T. Wayne Miller for their vision, passion and commitment to support charitable organizations for over fifty years and specifically for hosting and paying for the Prayer Breakfast for twenty five years. We especially thank T. Wayne Miller for the countless hours that he personally spent arranging for the breakfast, outstanding speakers and the community choir. He has left an indelible legacy which will be carried on in the future by the Community Prayer Breakfast Committee under the leadership of the Cypress Lake United Methodist Church.

In February of 2016, the board elected Dr. Kenneth P. Walker to serve as trustee and president, and asked him to build a future legacy for the foundation based on modern principles and practices for foundations. Ken and the board of trustees will work together to create a new philosophy of philanthropy for the foundation, and reinvent it to make a greater impact on meeting charitable needs in our community. A website will be developed to tell their story to the public and to explain the process for requesting grants.

Grant approval will be done jointly by the president and board of trustees. The Price Foundation will have vision, mission and purpose statements on its website. The foundation will collaborate with other foundations and organizations, private and public, to enhance it’s impact on addressing social issues in our community.

It is with enthusiasm and commitment that the foundation honor it’s past and creates it’s future.