Our Philosophy

We believe that hope is an essential emotion for people and communities. Where there is hope, there is faith for the future. Psychological studies have shown that deeply hopeful people assume that their lives and communities are capable of moving in a positive direction, and this hope gives rise to purpose, goals and achievements. We embrace providing hope in the form of support, encouragement, caring attachments, opportunity and developing character traits of self-reliance and responsibility.

The Price Foundation desires to use its financial resources to support organizations, programs and projects that bring this type of hope to people and improvement to communities.

We believe our resources should be focused on funding grants that will make a meaningful impact on meeting social needs in our community, rather than making a series of random disassociated grants. We believe in creating partnerships for collaborative grant-making that can have a major impact on addressing social challenges in our community.

We believe that faith, hope and love can change individuals and communities, and we want to be a catalyst for this type of change.